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Coin Patination (Noble finishes for silver coins.) - Custom minting
Noble finishes for silver coins.

Due to patina, the mintage gets noble appearance, protection against natural oxidation and color changes resistance. Relief on the coin field is markedly contrasting and details with fine features, that artist has incorporated into his work, become apparent sufficiently. When scrutinizing the patina surface of the coin, vastly improved font readability and differentiability of decorative elements can be seen.

Coin patination takes place in the galvanic bath
Coin patination takes place in the galvanic bath

Special importance of patinated surface can be seen on the mintage with the motif of portrait. Individual parts of the face are properly distinguished here. Plasticity and portrait expression begins to remind a combination of sculpture with a light stroke of the painter’s brush.

At this point, patina is no longer simply a chemical process resulting from the action of sulfur compounds on the surface of the coin, but it is a special kind of beautiful alchemy, combined with cleverness and sensitivity of human hands.

Hand wiping of coins
Hand wiping of coins

After the galvanic bath, every coin is manually wiped with special rubber. It highlights the contrasting difference in height of relief. Thanks to this, every coin gains its unique, unmistakable character.